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March 5, 2017

link love lately

Recently at work, my entire team took the 16 personalities test.  While these are never perfect, my coworkers and I had a blast taking ours and learning more about each other through the tool.  To literally nobody’s surprise, I am an extrovert.  However, this test was able to articulate something about my extraversion that I hadn’t been able to up until now.  My results shared that those with my personality type tend to get excited about things very easily, and want to share those things with others.

Hello, reason for this blog…

It’s true!  When I see or experience something I like, I want to tell everybody about it.  Today’s post is the first in a series I will share of things I’m loving lately, via links.  These posts will be quick ways for you to see a glimpse into the websites/articles/posts that I find myself drawn to these days.

  • Coffee addicts listen up: I’ve found your newest obsession.  This coffee is made by a coffee lover who decided to try out making his own.  And somehow, it turned out great.  Like really great.
  • Fun Fact: I am a HUGE musical theater fan.  There’s plenty of footage of me performing in musicals throughout my life out there.  None of which will see the light of day on this blog.  That being said, ever since this new musical’s soundtrack came out, I CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO IT.
  • Living for and laughing at this reunion.
  • I am obsessed with our newest hand soap we bought recently.  Does this mean I’m nearing 30?

Tell me: what links are you loving lately?

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