A Day at Replenish Spa

April 9, 2017

I am not a “spa person.”  I have only  had precisely one massage ever.   In my life.  And it was on my honeymoon.  For me, I always wanted to have more spa experiences, but never seemed to pull the trigger.  Well, for my birthday this year my husband came through and booked me a massage and a facial at Replenish and…well…consider me a “spa person” now.

On their website, Replenish articulates why investing in a spa treatment can be good for your overall wellbeing.  They write: “Replenish is about pouring into those who cross our path so they can fill up themselves their families and their communities.”  This family owned business wants to show us that being open to receiving can fill us up in a way that helps us to give back more.  And I’m totally on board. 🙂


They have two locations, one in Downtown Columbus and one in Clintonville.  I went to their newer Clintonville location.  When you’re there, you feel like you are in somebody’s home.  But one that smells really good and plays sounds of the ocean in every room.  When you arrive, they offer you a cup of tea and show you to their waiting area, filled with uplifting and encouraging books and magazines.


My first service was the 60 minute massage.  Something I really valued was that before each of my services I had a consultation with whoever was about to deliver the service.  This helped them to craft an experience that was catered to me, my needs, and my body.  The bed they have you lay on is, no joke, more comfortable than my own bed at home.  It even was heated!  And my massage was incredible.  I asked a lot of questions throughout, and they were happy to educate me about ways to keep the lasting effects of the massage in my day to day life.

Next up was my 30 minute facial and it was a dream.  Again, the consultation beforehand guided what products she used and we ended up going with some honey based treatments.  I felt leaving completely refreshed and relaxed.

Check out their full list of services here, which include things like nail, yoga, and sleep services as well!  Couldn’t recommend this place more!

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